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Spurred on by my son’s amazingly ugly CSS-only background, I decided to go one better and animate it.

Along the way, I rediscovered some of what made the early days of the web the wild, whacky and downright ugly place it was!

Get your sunglasses out before reading this blog post!

Whilst I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Windows 10, the number of errors that seem to crop up, and the number of basic features that seem to stop working for no good reason, it has produced more than its fair share of amusements.

Today’s suggests that Microsoft have an amazing level of confidence in the staying power of Windows 10.

I was just looking in the Event Viewer, and saw the following… You can’t make this stuff up you know!

I just lurve clients sometimes!

Our main client has the (probably not uncommon) habit of labelling every ticket as urgent. The problem with this is that when something really urgent comes along, they have no way of making it stand out above the other urgent jobs. This predictably led to the creation of a “Very urgent” rating.

Today they outdid themselves…

How urgent is it?

This led to a lively debate as to what would come next. How about “-1. Life threatening”?

I blogged a couple of months ago about how MailTrap had achieved precognition. Well, it seems that they aren’t the only ones to manage this. We use Freshdesk for our support ticket system, and they have done the same! Amazing what they can do with these new-fangled rubber-band-and-string-driven computer type things nowadays eh?

We use the rather excellent mailTrap for testing code that sends emails. Whilst this site is very well done, I didn’t realise quite how clever the developers were until I noticed this…